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Early Childhood Development

The goal of Head Start is to ensure that those children enrolled in the program are ready to begin school.  Educational standards are fully outlined in national performance standards which have become the de facto standards for high-quality pre-school education programs globally. Our Head Start program accomplishes the following daily:

  • Provides 775 economically disadvantaged children, ages 3 to 5, with comprehensive child development and education services in an inclusive community so that they will be successful in school. All 8 Pre-School centers have 5-Star Child Care Licenses.
  • Ensures  that all child health and developmental concerns are identified and children and families are linked to an ongoing source of health care.
  • Engages parents in their children’s learning and in the administration of the program.  It also to supports them  in making progress toward their own educational, literacy and employment goals and how to advocate for communities that are supportive of children and families.
  • :Provide full services to children with disabilities.  Head start serves children with disabilities whose family income may be above the poverty guidelines.
  • Provides screenings to evaluate a child’s overall health, then help to ensure regular health check-ups, including dental care.  All Head Start programs teach good practices in oral hygiene, nutrition, personal care and safety